If you or a loved one has a terminal illness, or are approaching the end of your life, it may be necessary to plan for future care. Planning ahead in this way is sometimes called "advance care planning" and involves thinking and talking about how you would like to be cared for in the final months of your life.

Many people embark on advance care planning when they recognise that they have a medical condition that is likely to get worse, and which may mean they will not be able to make or communicate their decisions in the future. At Mount Olivet Nursing Home we can help you to make advanced care plans, recording the detail of your wishes for when they may be needed.

Palliative care is the holistic care of those with advanced progressive illness. The management of symptoms and the provision of psychological, social and spiritual support are the key characteristics of end of life care, applied according to individual circumstances and wishes.

The General Medical Council regards End of life Care as the care received by individuals in the last 12 months of their life.

This applies to care at any stage of a serious illness where no cure can be expected; it may also include those who have a general frailty and co-existing conditions, or an individual at risk of a sudden crisis in their condition, or life-threatening acute conditions caused by sudden catastrophic events, such as an accident or a stroke.

At Mount Olivet we respect the individuality of our residents.

Individual Care Plans enable our residents to:

  • Freely express their distress in a supportive setting
  • Participate in decisions about their care and treatment
  • Decide the amount of information they receive or share with others

We also provide and respect:

  • Confidentiality wishes and requirements
  • Individuals’ needs, values and beliefs
  • The individual’s right to refuse support or treatment

We put quality of life first, by:

  • Providing specialist palliative care
  • Reducing or eliminating distressing symptoms
  • Avoiding or minimising any adverse effects of care

We respond to the demands of progressive illness by offering:

  • A safe, welcoming environment in the company of of personal belongings
  • Caring relationships with staff and multidisciplinary professionals
  • A holistic approach combining spiritual, ethical, social, psychological and physical care

We provide care without discrimination, by offering:

Care regardless of culture, creed, beliefs, age, gender or ability

We facilitate integrated care, by offering:

  • A flexible response to need, including support for residents who wish to return home where possible
  • Cooperation with other agencies to allow safe discharge of residents, listening to and supporting residents and their families in decisions affecting their care
  • Effective interdisciplinary working in all settings
  • Families the opportunity to participate in the resident’s care if they and the patient wish
  • Support during bereavement when needed, and privacy before and after the death of a resident

We value all those involved with the work of the Care Home in whatever capacity, by providing:

  • A safe working environment
  • A willingness to confront difficult problems
  • Effective support systems
  • Encouragement and opportunity to contribute to the development and evaluation of their service
  • Facilitation of the development of skills (management, teaching, clinical, resource and professional)
  • Regular appraisal for all staff
  • Education programmes and support to facilitate life long learning

We are committed to providing a quality and safe service, by offering:

  • Caring, competent staff
  • A range of services and care pathways to meet each individual’s needs
  • A practice development programme that encourages and stimulates staff
  • Resident and family engagement, offering social and cultural inclusion
  • Development and review of policies and procedures governing practice in accordance with our philosophy and regulatory requirements
  • A responsive service delivered with empathy, sincerity and care

We welcome and record feedback to ensure consistent quality and continuous service improvement.