Current Visiting Policy

Current Visiting Policy

Visiting Update Policy – 1st February 2022

In line with the Government’s new easing of visiting restrictions, we thought we’d update our safe visiting procedure to enable continuing visits for our residents.


We still encourage people to use the visiting booking system on our website and will be increasing the number of visiting slots shortly. In the meantime, if there are no slots on the day you want to visit, please call and book over the phone.


The following allows Mount Olivet to ensure that visiting arrangements can be conducted safely and in line with the current infection control protocols, it will also allow Mount Olivet staff to accommodate fair visiting for all while continuing to provide the day-to-day care our residents need.


Please continue to book visits so we can stagger arrival times in order to complete necessary checks and paperwork.


Each resident will now be able to welcome anyone into the home, however we do ask that the number is limited to 2 or 3 at a time to ensure good airflow and spacing. If you would like to have more than 2 people for a visit, please speak to the manager and we would be happy to facilitate this as best we can. Visits will no longer be for set times – you may stay as long as you wish once you’re in the building.


Visits can be in the garden, the lounge (if appropriate) or the resident’s room.


A mask must be worn on arrival. Every visitor must have a negative LFD test this can be carried out on the same day at home prior to your visit or on arrival at the care home. Once the LFD test has been carried out and evidenced the visitor must wash and sanitise their hands, full PPE including face mask, gloves and plastic apron must be worn at all times during your visit.


At the moment, we can not remove all restrictions and safety checks as infection rates are still high in the Bay and if a member of staff has to isolate, it puts the quality of care provision at risk.


We would ask that visitors do not have physical contact with other residents to limit the risk of spreading infection.


We will inform  NOK if the home has to be temporarily locked down due to increased infection however visitors to residents who require additional support or are receiving End of Life care may enter on prior agreement.


We have put this guidance in place to protect your health and that of your friends and relatives living at Mount Olivet.


If you wish to discuss any of the above, please call Jodie during office hours.

Request a call back – If you have any questions & would like us to contact you, fill out our request a call back form below and we’ll contact you asap…

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