Our CQC Inspection Report – Update from Managing Director

Our CQC Inspection Report – Update from Managing Director

Our CQC Inspection Report – June 2023 – Update from Managing Director


We are disappointed and shocked to let you know that Mount Olivet has been graded “Requires Improvement” in our latest inspection and to let you know what we’re doing about it and hopefully offer reassurance of the excellent quality care that continues to be provided within the home.


We are immensely proud of what we do here at Mount Olivet and what we have achieved over the last few years – especially in the last 18 months with the promotion of Jodie Nelder to Registered Manager and her unwavering passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for care and the residents and staff at Mount Olivet.


We are very disappointed with the outcome of our latest CQC inspection and we feel strongly that it does not represent the quality of care we provide at Mount Olivet – this has been backed up by Manager’s of other care homes who have reached out to us in support. We have of course taken the findings that we feel are fair and already made improvements with regards to our audits, but we remain absolutely certain that we provide safe and effective care here at Mount Olivet. Our latest in-house Provider Inspection shows that all audits are fit for purpose and robust enough to pick up any omissions or quality of detail in care plans. This was then overseen by the Managing Director to sign off. We will continue to review this in case further improvements and checks can be implemented.


We appreciate some of the feedback given by the CQC with regards to occasionally missing daily care plan entries and incorrect mattress settings, as this can only help us to further improve our services. These changes have already been actioned and communicated to all team members and checked regularly by the Manager. This is not a systemic failure but does highlight the importance of supervisions with certain members of our care team who may be caring and attentive, but occasionally neglect to write down their interactions with residents. We have also instructed the RNs of the importance of checking daily care entries each day to highlight missing entries where applicable. This is then checked by the Manager. When looking at mattress setting issues, we have since discovered residents can change their pressure mattress settings – we believe to make them more “squishy” – but our new audits will mitigate the risk to residents of having incorrect settings on a more regular basis. During the inspection, our inspector praised our Manager’s audits and asked to photograph them for future use. Although this was not mentioned in the report, it is still reassuring to know that we have quality systems in place and puts us in a good place to take on CQC’s further recommendations as mentioned in the report.


The Topical (creams) administration records have been thoroughly audited and RNs have had it reiterated to them of the importance of recording ALL cream entries. Although we have a strong track record and evidence of actively healing pressure ulcers of newly arrived residents who have come to us with appalling wounds, our specialised and attentive care must work alongside accurate and complete cream records when prescribed. All prescribed medications on our e-Medication Administration Report (of which there are hundreds daily) were administered and recorded accurately and safely, however this was not mentioned in the report but conveyed to us by the Medications expert on the day of the inspection. If you have any concerns over medication at any time, please do not hesitate to speak to Jodie or a Nurse.

We have made a formal complaint to the CQC with regards to the inspection, how it was carried out and the parameters they’ve used which appear to hold us to a higher account than other local services. We hope this grading will only be short term and hope to work with them to resolve this matter. I have had reassurance from a team manager at CQC that this is the case.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to Jodie who would be happy to speak with you. For up-to-date goings on within the home, please follow our Facebook page.


Please also see https://www.carehome.co.uk/carehome.cfm/searchazref/20002018MOUB for reviews directly from family members of loved ones within the home.

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